Best Garage Door Services In Gig Harbor, WA

In Gig Harbor, we are a family-owned and run garage door repair company. We are a garage door installation and repair business that is licensed, insured, and skilled. Our firm has been in the garage door market for over 30 years and delivers high-quality services.

Professional Garage Door Services In Gig Harbor

Our clients contact us when they want skilled garage door services they can rely on. Whatever type of garage door repair you want, we can provide it. We fix it all, from replacing broken and damaged parts to installing fresh new garage doors. Call us right away if you need your garage door repaired.

When Should A Garage Door Be Replaced With A New One?

A garage door that does not work is a potential hazard. Do not attempt to repair a garage door on your own; instead, contact a properly experienced garage door dealer. Your existing garage door may be aging, sagging, or just in need of replacement. If your wood garage door has to be repainted, replacing it with a new pre-painted steel garage door may be a wiser investment. Painting a garage door adds substantial weight to the door, which may interfere with the spring and the functioning of the garage door and opener.

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If They Have A Remote Control, Can Anybody Else Open The Automated Door?

No, all remote controllers are individually programmed with a unique code, and they are further safeguarded from cloning by rolling code or security technology using contemporary technology.

What Happens If The Electricity Goes Out? How Can I Open My Door?

All of our automated doors include a manual override, allowing you to open the entrance if the power goes off. We install an exterior lockable override if you do not have a second entry point to the garage. We can also include a battery backup that will unlock the door even if the power goes out.

Garage Door Repair In Gig Harbor

If your garage door isn’t operating properly, it might be difficult to move your car out or keep your vehicle secure in your garage. Consider having to physically raise your garage door in order to move your vehicle out. Garage doors can fail for a variety of reasons. The door might be old, the pulleys or mechanical parts could be corroded, and the electrical system could be broken.

There might be a problem with the sensor, causing the garage door to not open on time. The good news is that we are well-versed in all types of garage doors. We understand their mechanical and electrical components. If your garage door is not opening, shutting, creating noises, moving slowly, unevenly, or has any other problem, please let us know. We have the necessary skills and understanding to repair your garage door.

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Driving Directions

Gig Harbor
Washington, USA

Get on WA-16 E from Soundview Dr
6 min (2.3 mi)

Head east on Harborview Dr
417 ft

Turn right onto Soundview Dr
1.3 mi

Continue onto Olympic Dr
0.5 mi

Turn left to merge with WA-16 E toward Tacoma
0.4 mi

Continue on WA-16 E to Tacoma
9 min (6.2 mi)

Merge with WA-16 E
Toll road
1.2 mi

Slight left to stay on WA-16 E
Toll road
3.3 mi

Take exit 3 for WA-163 N/Pearl St toward Ruston
0.2 mi

Turn right onto WA-163 N/S Pearl St
1.4 mi

Follow N 30th St to N 27th St
7 min (2.7 mi)

Turn right onto N 30th St
2.5 mi

Turn right onto N Starr St
0.2 mi

Turn left onto N 27th St
Destination will be on the left

Zip Codes

98332 and 98335


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  • Tacoma, WA.
  • Lakewood, WA.
  • Federal Way, WA.
  • Des Moines, WA.
  • Parkland, WA.
  • Edgewood, WA.
  • Burien, WA.

Garage Door Installation Gig Harbor

Every day, we install garage doors. It’s what we do and what we’re good at. We install a wide range of garage doors. Sectional garage doors, roll up barrage doors, side sliding garage doors, side hinged garage doors, tilt up garage doors, and other types of doors are among those we install. Garage doors are important whether you are building a new garage or upgrading an existing one. Our specialists will help you decide which style of garage door is ideal for you.

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